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Jon and Danny are the co-authors of Pier Review: A Road Trip in Search of the Great British Seaside, their account of a whistle-stop & madcap tour of the 55 working pleasure piers around England and Wales.

Jon (left) is a writer and psychogeographer, who’s been documenting Birmingham’s outsider culture on the website Birmingham: It’s Not Shit for 10 years. He’s also written on culture, politics, and other things for The Birmingham Post, Fused, Area Magazine and The Guardian. He eeks out a living doing stuff with social media and education.

Danny is a writer and ne’er-do-well, whose work has appeared in Vice, Fused, and Area magazines. His writing has also appeared on the internet for over 10 years on various websites, typically focusing on culture, pop, and his own experiences travelling through the subcultures.