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Sharon Blackie is a writer and storyteller whose work sits at the interface of psychology, myth and ecology.

he is the founder of EarthLines Magazine, and the author of The Long Delirious Burning Blue, a novel described by the Independent as ‘hugely potent. A tribute to the art of storytelling that is itself an affecting and inspiring story’, and by The Scotsman as ‘powerful (reminiscent of The English Patient), filmic, and achieving the kind of symmetry that novels often aspire to, but rarely reach.’

Her most recent book is If Women Rose Rooted, a nonfiction work about Celtic women in myth and contemporary life, described by bestselling novelist Manda Scott as ‘mind-blowing in the most profound and exhilarating sense … an anthem for all we could be. It’s an essential book for this, the most critical of recent times.’

Sharon now lives in the hills of Donegal, in Ireland, but was formerly a crofter on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Her experiences on the westernmost edges of the Celtic fringe give her a unique perspective on the psychology of belonging, and our relationship with place.